Professional Music & Audio Productions


Jonathan Söhngen is a composer, producer, sound designer and mixing engineer from Konstanz, Germany. Born into a musical family he came into contact with music at a very early age. As soon as he could reach the piano in his living room, he started playing on it and teaching himself autodidactically. At the age of 12 Jonathan first came to contact with music sotware, at that time Ejay, DanceMachine or Fast Tracker II. Later on, when he became more seriuos about music, he spent most of his time producing Drum & Bass, Breakbeat and Hip Hop Beats with FL Studio.

After composing lessons with the South-African pianist/composer Surendran Reddy, he continued integrating orchestral sounds in his music on a deeper level, working with Motu Symphonic Instrument and the Vienna Symphonic Library. Main influences at that time were composers like Mahler, Beethoven or Strawinsky on the one hand and artists like The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Dj Hype, BlackSunEmpire on the other hand.

In 2010 Jonathan started studiying at the SAE in Munich which he graduated from in 2013 with a Bachelor degree. Here, he improved and developed his skills in recording, mixing/mastering and sound design, working with Logic and Pro Tools. It was during that time, that he started focusing more and more on House, Electro and Techno, producing tracks under the moniker BTFRKZ. His current musical projects are the Synthpop Duo Captain o’Hara and the Project OokamiMusic.

Jonathan is working fulltime as a composer/sound designer for agencies, providing music for brands like Porsche, Audi, Bucherer, MiracleWhip, Grohe or Loewe.
His unique musical upbringing, his ability to organically fuse electronic and classical music, the continuous interest and curiousity in all music styles and his shere limitless dedication regarding his own work are qualities which make his music that strong and special.

Nanna Dierks is the Co-Composer/Producer, VideoCreator and Art-Director for OokamiMusic & MainArtist of their Captain o'Hara, ArtisticMusicProject. Nanna provides a razor-sharp Point of View, in a holistic Way. She always exactly knows if something Works or not! Her beautiful Voice and Production-Skills are essential for the most Part of our Productions and Projects. Nanna is also a talented Artist her Skill of creating Unique Objects and Scenes are the Foundation for our Artistic Projects and Videos.

Marius Will supports OokamiMusic project-based as a Co-AudioProducer. His extensive knowledge of Music in a huge variety of Genres and Styles is a precious Asset for OokamiProductions and his Production-Style which is strongly influences from his Band-Backround provides a unique Third-Angle, to complement the Styles of Jonathan & Nanna.

Jonathan & Marius are currently working on a unique Set of VideoGame Music.